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Interior designer and painter, Monica has fed her passion for art since her early youth, more specifically once she received a watercolour paint palette as a present from her father. Since then, she has not stopped practising and expressing her emotions through her colour palette. 

Gifted with a wide range of colourful shades, Monica’s characters emerge from her imagination through her reading and emotions of the moment. The artist’s approach, centred on human representation, is intended to reveal the thoughts and feelings that each person holds within themselves, in a common desire to better get to know each other.

To do this, she works her subjects according to the principle of the unveiled/hidden to give a new way of perceiving some elements to better conceal others, and which is reflected on the canvas by a subtle composition made of a juxtaposition of parts that are sometimes flat and supported, sometimes just outlined, which she highlights by the choice of a narrowed perspective.

Settled in the Italian province of Pescara in Abruzzo, from 2015 Monica took the plunge into the promotion of her work and the support of cultural and artistic events through the local art association ACM about which she is partner and member of the artistic commitee.


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